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We Use The Latest Technology To Ensure The Highest Level Of Care

We promise to provide an exceptional eyecare experience through state of the art technology in a warm and friendly environment!

Deciding between 1 and 2 has never been easier… meet Marco Digital Refraction System

Digital refraction uses sophisticated computer algorithms, enabling a highly accurate and precise measurement of your vision. This helps us quickly identify and demonstrate changes in your prescription, and deliver your best possible vision!


Digital Refraction eye Exam

Topcon Maestro2 3D Retinal Imaging

This powerful robotic device captures both a white light image and 3D laser scan(OCT) of the optic nerve and retina simultaneously. The imaging technology can detect the earliest signs of glaucoma, 20-40% before any functional vision loss is observed. It also detects the earliest signs of treatable eye disease such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. It takes less than a minute to perform the test! Dr. Schermer recommends all patients have the 3D retinal screening, which is available for only $39.

Manufacturer – perhaps pull some images from their website or I can pull some of our own -> https://topconhealthcare.com/products/maestro2/

Virtual Field – Bringing Virtual Reality to Eyecare with Visual Field Testing

Visual Field Testing is critical in the diagnosis of glaucoma and many neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Legacy visual field machines were uncomfortable, often leading to poor test results. This new technology is not only more reliable and comfortable, but many patients enjoy the video game nature of the testing!

Say Goodbye to Air Puff Testing! We use the state of the art Icare tonometer which requires no drops or air puffs to make intraocular pressure measurements.